My experience traveling to India was not well planned. I even never expect to live in this subcontinental country. Yet, after I got an announcement that my scholarship was approved to study in India, I put this country as one of my future maps. What I understood about India was about poverty, high-population, a racial issue, and other third-world countries’ big challenges. After I arrived to stay there for up to two years and two months, India was indeed about these assumptions. But, it is more complex than what I supposed.

Many interesting moments that I experienced there, too. I enjoyed staying there, and to be sure, what India has is not merely about its social complexities but also many inspirations I, including having directly known its rapid development in this more industrialized world. And, therefore, from studying for a two-year master’s degree, I claim as my part-time study because I did there about 40% of study and 40% of travel. The rest was joining the organization; I was the vice-chairman and later chairman of the Indonesian students’ association in India.