Travel Stories

Currently, I am in the progress writing articles under a number of titles. Indeed, it will need some months to finish all these projects.

1. 80 Days in Japan
It narrates my daily activities on my short visit to Nagoya in Japan. I am on duties to be a visiting scholar at Nagoya University to conduct a research under the supervision of a professor at this university. In addition to my research, I describe all the activity here, including the experience of staying in Japan. From Japan, I also want to tell stories about Indonesia.

2. Two Years in Hyderabad*
I lived in Hyderabad two years as I received a scholarship to continue masters’ degree at a university in this city. There are many experiences that I want to share, in the city of so-called as ‘middle Pakistan’ from Quli Qutb Shah Dynasty to Nizam in the mid 20th century with the following Hyderabad’s annexation to India. It includes from how I struggled to live in the city, living at flat along with other Indonesian friends, studying at the campus, to my active participation and leadership as the chairman at Indonesian Students Association in India.

3. From East to West India*
It describes my first epic journey in India. I started to travel to East in the city of Mother Teresa, Kolkata, continuing a journey to the city of Varanasi where Ganga River lies and ended in the Indian State of Jharkhand. As it was my first experience to travel, including on my travel by train for 30 hours, I experienced to make a conversation with a number of Indian people with their perception on India and Indonesia. Stories under this title also cover Indian cuisines and cultures, including Indian rituals, habits, and ethics. When the journey was directed to West, it provides other Indian experiences. In West India, I visited the city of trade gate, Mumbai, in the State of Maharashtra and the city of Maharaja in Vadodara in the State of Gujarat.

4. Short Trip to West and North India*
I visited North India facilitated by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). It is an institution that I am indebted for which I completed Master of Laws degree. I was selected to participate to the 10 days trip visiting a number of cities in West and North India, including Chandigarh, Amritsar, Dalhousie, Chamba, and Dharamsala. It opens my new understandings and thoughts on India’s diversity and unity. Specifically, it illustrates how I spent all the journey not only with Indonesian friends but also other friends from different countries under the ICCR program and how we share experiences each other. As I visited such new places, it comes to my reflection to uncover exceptional landscapes and societies in each place. In West India, I witnessed the commemoration of India-Pakistan partition in Wagah Border and the memorial of communal massacre around Golden Temple both in Amristar. In North India, it was at the hill of Himalaya mountains, I found the Switzerland of India and India’s China around Dalai Lama Temple.

5. Monsoon of South India*
This title ended my entire journeys in India. I traveled 14 days to conquer three states in South India, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. My first destination was Kerala; I arrived in Kochi, a city where Malabar coast lies. It provides new perspectives on Muslims in India where I will argue that Malabar is the proof of first Muslims in India and its widespread influence to Southeast Asia. As rigirous trade relied upon Monsoon resulted in the conversation of world’s great civilizations, it takes such a region as the important hub for trade without any dominant geopolitical powers and monopoly as it happens recently. Then, I headed to some areas, such as Idukki where there is Dam Reservoir having fascinating landscape at the top. It was followed with the journey to Kottayam before ended in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. I stayed three days in Thiruvananthapuram, exploring the city by bus and only relied upon Google Maps. Then, I continued the journey to Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu for two days, visiting Pallava heritage known with Mahabalipuram, around 60 km from Chennai, before continuing the journey to Mysore having Mysore Palace. The Palace is well known as of India’s most popular destinations after Taj Mahal. The final destination was Hampi, where the greatest India’s Hindu empire in the medieval centuries existed.

* All these titles are not written yet, as it waits for the first title, 80 Days in Japan, completed. However, you still can find and read articles on my traveling to India through this link (Stories and Memories on India).